UC Santa cruz


A great University, aN AMAZING place to live. Let’s KEEP IT THAT WAY.

UCSC sits above a series of cyclist-challenging marine terraces and karst-bearing formations, uplifted by the Zayante granites. The main wharf juts SE into the Pacific Ocean, at the top of the image. Vast open spaces surround Santa Cruz; this invaluable buffering from development has been the result of hard work by farsighted people -- and the fact that this is a land of steep canyons, earthquakes, summer fires and powerful winter storms. 

This remarkable natural environment was settled by generations of forest, plains and coastal dwellers, and has grown to accommodate a premier university.  Originally a “city on the hill”, UCSC is now closely integrated with Santa Cruz, but remains mostly hidden in the redwoods to the bottom left. UCSC comprises a third of the town population of about 60,000 and many students stay on to make Santa Cruz their home.